The many benefits of a garden pond

Even the smallest garden ponds have so many benefits to a garden.

You don’t have to build an elaborate, expensive set up. Ours (in images shown) is simply a dug hole lined with a rubber pond liner which is tear resistant. We covered the lining in pebbles, filled it with our harvested rain water and it is circulated by a small pump. Circulation is essential to create balance and prevent the pond water from going stagnant. We also added some pond snails to help with algae control. It tends to dry out a bit near the end of summer (we live in a Mediterranean climate) when our water reserves are low but this is a good opportunity to give it a clean.

Here are some of the great things even the smallest pond can do for you and your environment:

  • Benefit local wildlife – biodiversity in a garden is key. Ponds provide a habitat, water source and breeding site for small animals and insects, many of whom help to keep pests under control.
  • A beautiful focal point and placing a seat or bench close by is lovely as a space for calm reflection after a long day.
  • They can create more ideal micro-climates for plants growing nearby, moderate temperatures and add moisture.
  • Carefully thought out construction can help with soggy spots or trap rain runoff for storage and later use.
  • Ponds can be things of great beauty and wonder and so also provide an opportunity for interaction with and education about the natural world both for children and adults alike. A micro-habitat as an outdoor classroom, to inspire a new generation of naturalists.