What makes them special

  • Professionally carpentered from local, sustainably sourced timber
  • Fully customisable to suit your taste and home
  • Fully installed and planted in my unique, abundant style with an emphasis on tried and tested cascading plants
  • Solid build with drainage channels
  • Natural VOC free outdoor wood treatment options available in a variety of colours or finishes
  • The liners are made from repurposed billboards with specially designed drainage channel gusset, handmade by a local social enterprise.
  • Deep container design allows for healthier, happier plants as the roots are less likely to overheat. This is often the challenge with vertical planters and this allows the plants to flourish and enlarge over time
  • Robust and easy to maintain. Maintenance plan options available
  • Metal side panels optional
  • From R2 450.00 for a standard size unit (600 x 1200) without metal sides including liners with drainage gusset and wood finish of choice. Delivery, installation, planting and maintenance services are additional and quoted accordingly.

Choose your design

Metal side panel detail is fully customisable

Eco-friendly wood finishes in a variety of colours

Choose your plant category

  • Succulent Colour
  • Shady Cools
  • Spikes & Greys
  • Aromatic Herbs

Where your planter is situated will also determine the plant category

See below for detail on each category.


Colourful and textured. Let them brighten up your space and create a talking point or feature! Living art!


Morning sun and afternoon shade is preferable. Contrary to popular belief, most succulents (both indigenous and exotic) enjoy some coolness and shade. About 6 hours of sun should do it! They have adapted to handle periods of drought, but this does not automatically mean that they can handle a lot of heat and direct sun. There are many that thrive in shade! If you have a north facing or afternoon spot that can get really hot, it may be wiser to plant succulents that are more in the cacti range and have adapted to handle the heat.


Keen on a monochromatic theme? Love a modern yet textured, minimalistic look? Have a full sun or very hot position for your planter that would require tougher plants? Spikes and greys may be for you.


Cacti have adapted to harsh climates, and so a morning sun or north facing position is just fine. They also come in very eye-catching shapes, textures and colours. Plants with distinct grey foliage have adapted to endure harsh sun and the grey/white hues create an eye catching or modern affect.


Shades of greens, variegated foliage, cooling and calming. We all have that very shady spot that needs a lift. Shade plants can be water wise as well!


South facing wall or protected area that gets little to no sun but fairly good light? These can be problematic areas for plants but there are many that thrive out of direct sun and look beautiful doing so.


Everyone needs a herb garden! Have a spot that gets good sun and is close to the kitchen? Pick as you cook! No space, only walls or just a balcony? No problem!


Morning sun position is preferable for herbs. These guys like sun but not excessive heat and many tend to be quite hardy. I can plant the ones that you like to cook with.

Package installation

  • 1 x planter (standard dimensions 1200mm x 600mm x 150mm) fully installed and planted by me using my unique planting style.
  • 6 monthly maintenance included (new plants not included)

Custom options

  • Different sizes, laser cut design with your brand, talk to me!

Maintenance options

  • I can design a maintenance program for you. You would need to water your garden but I could certainly pop in to ensure all is going well and if any plants need refreshing or changing.